• great heating system, this is a warm and cosy hall
  • plenty of parking
  • a concert grade baby grand piano
  • easy to use drop down screen and film equipment (equipment to be hired)

Floor Plan

First time hirers should ensure that they are familiar with all the health and safety regulations governing the use of the Hall. Advice can be given at the time of booking.

We do not have a licence to serve alcoholic beverages. Any hirer wishing to serve alcohol must ensure that they acquire a licence for their event. A Temporary Event Licence may be obtained from the Cornwall Council.

MOBILE PHONE signal is patchy in Townshend – some carriers work in the hall and most carriers work in the car park.

Hiring and useage
From time to time the Trustees review the Hall’s operational policies.
The efficient use of the Hall over a number of years as set out in its charitable objects has meant that hiring charges have remained relatively constant. However, as a measure of the Hall’s success, demand for hiring it is now starting to exceed its availability, necessitating this review. The following has been agreed by the Trustees with immediate effect.

  • Normally all bookings will continue to be made through the Booking Secretary [for the time being Sarah Chapman]. She will issue all hirers with an entry code for one or other of the key safe boxes adjacent to the main door.
  • It will be a condition of hire that if a booking is cancelled by the hirer less than 48 hours before its due time Sarah Chapman as Booking Secretary has the discretion to waive all or part of the hire charge if there are circumstances beyond the hirer’s control. Otherwise the hiring charge must be paid in full.
  • The Trustees on their part will use their best endeavours to ensure all advance bookings are honoured unless circumstances beyond their control dictate otherwise.
  • Hirers relying on the Hall for their own income purposes should indemnify themselves against its non-availability for any reason which may be beyond the Trustees’ control.
  • The minimum hiring charge for any occasion will be £10.00 for the first hour thereafter increasing by £5.00 for each additional hour or part thereof calculated from arrival to departure, including setting up and clearing away.

Hiring the Hall

Enquire via email about hiring our Hall

Our current charges are £10.00 for the first hour and £5.00 for any subsequent hours