Covid_19 Support

The Village Hall team are considering how we can support those of us who have been advised to limit our activities due to current public health advice. This page will be kept updated with the latest information.

If there is anyone who can help pick up groceries, prescriptions, and newspapers for those who need to self isolate, can you please call Sarah Chapman anytime on 01736 850287 or 07842201950 ; email or contact Sarah Lane on 01736 850933 ; email

For those of you who can help support the NHS through the Royal Volunteering Service, their link is Here:

If you feel lonely and in need of a chat there are volunteers available on the telephone, to provide company. Please mail either Sarah Chapman, or Judy Scott, and they will put you in touch.

1. Townshend support group

If anyone is at any time self isolating and needs assistance there are several people in the village who are happy to get shopping, collect medication, newspapers etc. Please don’t  hesitate or worry about asking for any sort of help and support. You can contact Sarah Chapman or Sarah Lane at any time.

This offer of support is for anyone in the Townshend locality or who gets our newsletter, please all feel included in this offer. 

Berryman’s farm shop will remain open, they sell a good range of foods (milk, eggs etc) as well as fruit and vegetables. There will be a delivery service from Berrymans shop.

You can contact Steve Berryman on 07887580239, e-mail, or call the shop direct on 01736 850012

And if you are willing to offer help could you also let Sarah Chapman or Sarah Lane know. 

The following local businesses are willing to take orders for home delivery

Seafayre Cuisine on the St. Erth industrial estate, their website is here

McFaddens butchers in St. Just, their website is here

Please keep safe, well and in touch.

2. Berryman’s Shop

The following goods are available from the shop.


potatoes , cabbage, parsnips, carrots, cauliflower, swede, leeks, celeriac, broccoli, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, courgettes, garlic, ginger, sweetcorn, avocado, purple sprouting, herbs


pomegranate, pineapple, grapes, apples, oranges, satsumas, lemons, pears, bananas


yoghurt, butter, margarine, milk (full, skimmed, semi), cheese, bacon, eggs


various meats and some ready meals


toilet paper, various cleaning products eg washing up liquid, bleach, cling film, foil, bin bags / liners, cat food, fire lighters


lots of chocolate, cereals – muesli, Weetabix etc., sugar, tea, various tinned vegetables (good selection), various sauces – HP, tomato, mustard, etc, jams and marmalade, cooking oils,, sliced bread, range of biscuits, pasta, squash, rice, gravy – other condiments

Contact Steve Berryman on 07887 580239, e-mail, or call the shop direct on 01736 850012

3. Lunch Cancellation

The monthly lunches are cancelled due to the concerns over the spread of Covid_19. We feel that this is the sensible option to help safeguard all of us – cooks,  servers and customers.

We are sorry to disappoint and very much look forward to seeing you soon.

Thanks from the lunch team.

4. Film Nights

Film nights are cancelled until further notice.

As soon as it is possible to start film club again we will let you know.

5. Other Activities

Most groups and events in the village hall have been suspended, however the hall will become available for bookings from Thursday 10th December for small gatherings. A maximum of 6 persons can use the hall at any one time. The website calendar will be kept up to date –

And most of all – keep safe well and positive. 

6. Useful Information

The following chart was published in the Times newspaper, it describes the differences between seasonal flu, the common cold and Covid_19. We hope that this information will be reassuring to anyone who is feeling a bit under the weather and worried they may have caught the virus.

What are your symptoms?
What are your symptoms?