April Newsletter


April 2020 Newsletter

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Coronavirus Edition

This edition of the Newsletter is coming to you early to let you know that  the Townshend Village Hall Trustees have decided to close the Hall in order to protect its users from infection from the virus.

It will be closed from today 20th April 2020 and will re-open when government advice says it can be. Hopefully this will not be too far away!

Please read the information below which may be of help.

Keep safe, well and in touch.

Townshend Support Group

If anyone is at any time isolating and is lonely and needs assistance, there are several people in the village who are happy to get shopping, collect medication, newspapers etc or who will just phone you for a chat. Please don’t hesitate or worry about asking for any sort of help and support. Please call Sarah Chapman anytime on 01736 850287 or 07842201950 or email sarah@davidchapman.org.uk; or contact Sarah Lane on 01736 850933 or email Sarahlane.gb@gmail.com.

This offer of support is for anyone who asks. Please feel included in this offer wherever you live.

Berryman’s Farm Shop will remain open and they sell a good range of foods (milk, eggs etc) as well as fruit and vegetables. There will be a delivery service from Berryman’s Shop, phone Steve on 01736 850012; or 7887580239; or email him on smlberry@hotmail.com. If anyone is willing to help with this please let Sarah Chapman know.

Here is a list of events usually held in the Hall but which will not now run until further notice.

The April Lunch is cancelled due to the concerns over the spread of the Coronavirus. This is the most sensible option to protect the cooks, servers and lunchers. We will continue to send out the Newsletter and this will let you know when the lunches are starting again. We are sorry to disappoint and very much look forward to seeing you soon.

Thanks from the Lunch Team.

Film Nights.

C Fylm have cancelled all Cornwall screenings for the foreseeable future. Apologies again and we will let you know via the Newsletter when it is safe to re-start.

Groups, Events and all other private hire.

These will all be suspended for the duration.

The website http://www.townshendvillagehall.org.uk/ will be kept up to date and the Newsletter will hopefully be sent out so keep your eye on these so you don’t miss out when we are able to start running everything again

Gardening Tips

Getting out in the garden is a good way of spending your time being, we are told, very therapeutic. It is a healthy way of spending your day and while we are being encouraged to isolate, gives us something on which to concentrate.

Spring is the growing time, the weather should improve, so plant seeds, mow the lawn, take cuttings and divide perennials to fill your beds. Watch wildlife, make a list of all the visitors to your garden. You will be surprised how many you will see. Being outside is good for our health and wellbeing.


Please send any suggestions for inclusion in the newsletter to Rosemary Saunders 01736 850843 or ehsblue@aol.com; or Sarah Chapman 01736 850287, 07842 201950, or email sarah@davidchapman.org.uk; or look at our WEBSITE http://www.townshendvillagehall.org.uk/